WordPress Applications Store is Live!

WordPress is indeed the best Content Management System in the world today, it is easy to setup, design, modify and create good looking websites and blog.

The WordPress Platform is getting popular and better by the day and lots of applications and servvices are being developed daily to improve its user experience. One of such new services is the WordPress Application Store [ WP App Store]. The WP App Store is a WordPress theme and plugin marketplace built-into the WordPress dashboard. After installing the WP App Store plugin, you can browse themes and plugins from many different brands.


To start using it, visit the WP App Store and download the Store Plugin and follow the instructions on their website. its quite easy to do.


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  1. wow! now thats a great news ! cant wait for new version for wordpress and see its new features

    • Am also waiting for the new version of wordpress and I guess lots of people too are waiting.

  2. Woooow… This is a great news, cant wait for it. I just hope they will develop apps that will let us post offline