What is New in Android 4.2?

Previously there was an opinion that with the release of a new Android version it’ll get a new name. But the 4.2 version still remains to be known as Jelly Bean. Though I’m not sure that the name is something that is really important. Much more interesting are the changes that have been introduced in this new version.

The first thing that is noticed by the owners of the updated Android devices is a new keyboard with built-in swype texting, which is called Gesture Typing. New functions for camera have been added (though it may seem hard to add anything new). But Google has managed to amaze us. New function is called Photo Sphere and allows you to make not just a panoramic shot, but a spherical one! So let’s talk about all the Android 4.2 innovations in detail.

Trying to outrun Apple, Google included in Android 4.2 Miracast support. Miracast is a standard protocol for a distant Wi-Fi access to the screens of other devices. It means that smartphone Nexus 4, like Apple AirPlay or Intel Wi-Di, is able to transfer audio and video on the other devices’ screens without any wires.

At the same time, the smartphone can be used for other functions. Also, you will be able to enjoy cable TV on your tablet. The release of Miracast adapters for TVs is expected soon – they will be inserted into HDMI connectors.

Now about Photo Sphere, as I have already mentioned, this function allows you to create three-dimensional panoramic shots, the same as Street View in Google Maps. A user may turn a camera wherever he or she likes and the system glues the frames. Final shot can be viewed either on an Android 4.2 device or in Google+ social network.

Android 4.2 is the first mobile operating system to introduce multi-user mode on tablets. These functions have been realized in desktop computers for a long time, but for tablets it’s a new function. It looks quite logical as the tablets may be shared among several people and it’s natural to differentiate the functions of different users. The change between different accounts doesn’t require tablet reboot.

Intellectual assistant Google Now, which was first introduced in Android 4.1, has been improved. Now it can track your Gmail account in search of the content you need. Thus, if you have booked a table in a restaurant, Google Now, knowing about the email that confirms the order, will notify you when it’s time to go, and also it will take into consideration the situation on the roads. If you pass by a cinema, Google Now will tell you what movie is on air at the moment.

Here’re some other functions and features introduced in Android 4.2:

  • Widgets can be placed on the lock screen. Thus you’ll get a quick access to information (weather forecast, for example) without unlocking your device;
  • Quick settings menu is available from notification slot;
  • Notifications with active actions, that appeared in Android 4.1, now available for a greater number of applications;
  • Gmail application has been improved having acquired new gesture functions;
  • Camera application interface has been minimalized in order to be able to film with one hand. Also, Instagram-like effects have been added.

androidAuthor Bio:

Eugene Rudenko is a tech writer for IT company Intellectsoft. The company specializes in Android, iOS, Blackberry and WP development. Follow them on Twitter @Intellectsoft.

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