What Does iOS 6 Offer?

ios 6 is nearly upon us, and it promises to offer quite a few benefits and upgrades over the previous version of the operating system. The following are a few of the interesting features that you will find in the new system.ios 6

Facetime on the Phone

This is a huge move for iPhone. Macs have had this feature for a while, and it is about time that the iPhones followed suit. With Facetime, with the new iOS 6, you are no longer going to need to call someone if he or she also has an iPhone. You can actually look at the person you are speaking to on screen. Science fiction is quickly becoming science fact!


One of the new features of the iOS 6 is a e-ticket application. This will let people carry electronic tickets with them right on their phone. The types of tickets could range from concerts, to airline tickets, or just about anything else. The tickets can even update automatically in case there is a change to the time of a flight or the start time of a concert. These are going to be very popular as long, as enough companies take advantage and start using digital tickets.

New Maps Application

The new ios 6 maps application that is going to be replacing Google Maps is also quite interesting. This is going to give turn-by-turn instructions spoken to users. It even integrates with Siri, offering much more functionality than the old Google Maps.

Little Improvements Here and There

You will find quite a few other little improvements with the new ios 6 operating system, some of which you might not even realize at first. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the ones that seem to be getting people talking.

You will have more control over photo sharing, deciding who gets to see different photos. The system integrates with Facebook, and you will find that you no longer have to type in your password when you want to download free applications. Each of these might seem to be small improvements, but quite a few people are excited about them. These are only a few of the differences that will be coming with iOS 6.

The new operating system should release in the fall of the year. Already, people are very excited about what it has to offer, just as they are excited by the new iPhone and all of the possibilities that it holds. It is a good time to be a tech lover!

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