Types of Servers & Its Uses

Servers are frequently devoted, implying that they perform no different errands moreover their server undertakings. Read about the kind of server you want to know about and you will get small yet relevant and descriptive information. web servers

Server Types and its Uses

Proxy server: A proxy server sits between a customer program (normally a Web program) and an outside server (ordinarily an alternate server on the Web) 


  • Filter Requests
  • Enhance execution
  • Share Connections

Mail Servers: Very nearly as pervasive and vital as Web servers,

Uses: Mail servers’ move and store mail over corporate systems (through Lans and Wans) and over the Internet.

Server Platforms: A term frequently utilized synonymously with working framework, a stage is the underlying equipment or programming for a framework.

Uses: Engine for operating the server.

Web Servers: At its centre, a Web server serves static substance to a Web program by stacking an index from a plate and serving it over the system to a client’s Web program. This whole trade is intervened by the program and server conversing with one another utilizing HTTP.

Application Servers: Off and on again alludes to as a sort of middleware, requisition servers possess an expansive lump of processing domain between database servers and the end client.

Uses: Interface the middleware and database servers.

Real-time communication servers: These servers, earlier known as talk servers or IRC Servers, and still some of the time alluded to as texting (IM) servers.

Uses: Allow expansive numbers clients to trade data close quickly.

FTP Servers: One of the most seasoned of the Internet administrations, likewise called as File Transfer Protocol server.


  • move one or more records safely between PCs
  • Giving index security and association and in addition exchange control.

Collaboration Servers: From multiple points of view, coordinated effort programming, once called “groupware,” exhibits the first force of the Web.


  • empower clients to work together, paying little respect to area, by means of the Internet or a corporate intranet
  • Cooperate in a virtual air.

List Servers: List Servers offer an approach to better oversee mailing records, if they are intuitive examinations open to general society or restricted records that convey reports, updates or promoting.

Uses: Manage Mails and mailing rundown, updates or promoting

Telnet Servers: A Telnet server empowers clients to log on to a host PC and perform assignments as though they’re taking a shot at the remote machine itself, terminal server monitor is used to monitor different terminals of servers.

Open Source Servers: From your underlying open source server working framework to the server programming that help you accomplish your employment, open source programming is a basic some piece of numerous IT frameworks.

Virtual Servers: In 2009, the amount of virtual servers sent surpassed the amount of physical servers. Today, server virtualization has gotten close universal in the server farm.


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