Top Trends Influencing Mobile Cloud Computing

Increasing requirements of the business industries are creating a forceful impact on mobile companies to move their services on cloud.

Mobile industry and cloud working together seems like a complement for each other because mobility is one of the strongest features of cloud technology.

Cloud users can have seamless access to the computing resources stored on clouds via their mobile devices. Regardless of the locations and the devices being used, consumers can enjoy immense resources according to their needs and requirements. Mobile cloud computing is not only helpful for personal use, but it could also be helpful for business purposes.

Acceptance of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model has empowered mobile cloud computing with an extra edge over other technologies. Mobile cloud computing has also immensely increased the storage capacity of mobile device as everything is stored on the cloud servers.

There are several trends that are influencing the mobile cloud computing. Top five of them are discussed as follows.

Mobile Commerce

M-commerce has offered the users a secure and comfortable way for monetary transactions sitting at any corner of the world. Day-by-day increasing mobile users are using M-commerce for paying bills. Mobile cloud computing proposes a protected environment for financial transactions with the help of mobile devices. What the users need is to have an internet connection to their mobile devices. This has drastically reduced the use of cash transactions. And off-course it diminishes the time and troubles occurred in commuting to the premises where the transaction has to be performed. Finally, M-commerce could be counted as one of the significant trends that are influencing mobile cloud computing.


Rapidly Increasing Mobile Users

Focusing on the latest figures, it is clear that there is a harsh increment in sales of mobile devices with latest technologies. Increasing demand of mobile devices in various countries has caused the mobile device manufacturers to launch more and more devices.

Even the business organizations are providing handheld devices to their employees to facilitate them to work anytime and from any location. Trend of escalating use of handheld devices is positively influencing the mobile cloud computing as well.

Increasing Network Providers

Few decades ago, there were limited hardware manufacturers and network providers in the market. But with the passage of time and increasing customers’ needs more and more manufactures and network providers are stepping into the market.

Earlier, most of mobile devices were having similar functions. But, the latest mobile devices are having somewhat different features and functions from each other. Network providers are also launching cloud solutions along with their services. As a result, it will revolutionize the mobile cloud computing.

Use of Diverse Technology

Rapid advancement in technology is enabling the users to have latest versions for the similar application. Same the case is with mobile devices. Users with latest devices are working on latest versions, while the users having older devices are still working with older versions. Need to work together or share a common data has appreciated the use of mobile cloud computing.

Use of smart apps

To access the sensitive data from cloud servers, latest mobile apps are available. Smartphone users can not only browse the web, but they can also work with seamless computing resources. Use of smart apps among the users is optimistically impacting the mobile cloud computing.

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