Top 3 Smartphones for Gaming

Since the concept of mobile phones began, there has been a significant evolution over the years in what these devices are able to do. Currently, some 2014 models are designed well for the purpose of gaming. These can be simple games such as online roulette to high performance games such as simulation games.


One phone that is top choice right now is the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. This is a pricey phone which means it may not fit into everyone’s budget. The screen measures 4.7 inches and comes with SuperAMOLED technology which results in eye popping graphics which can make your roulette game appear extremely realistic. For those gamers who want a premium Android phone, this would be an excellent choice.

For those gamers who may be more inclined toward Apple, then the iPhone 6 may be of interest. This is the iPhone model with the largest display screen which means it is much easier to view games when playing online. Add to this the faster processor, gamers will find the iPhone 6 moves quickly which means games won’t appear to be sluggish. Like the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, the iPhone 6 does also is on the pricey side.

The HTC One M8 is a third smartphone that could be a choice for gamers. This model keeps the best attributes of the HTC One but continues to improve. For instance, the Snapdragon 801 processor has increased the life of the battery which means longer gaming sessions without the need to recharge. Also, the quick processor will stream online games quickly.

When comparing all of the three previously mentioned phones, the HTC One M8 stands out at the better options for gaming, be it a quick game of roulette at Jackpot City or a flight through space in a game of high quality graphics such as Galaxy on Fire 2. Along with its zippy processor, comes sufficient memory which can even be expanded if a gamer so chooses. Additionally, the design of the phone includes 90% metal up from 70% which means a durable phone to game on the go.

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