The Next Google PageRank Update is Around The Corner!

Webmasters and Bloggers are really the ones that knows the importance of PageRank and why a website should have it, Google Pagerank is basically a measure of quality designed by Google to rank websites according to how Quality the site seems to be.

It is is an alogrithm of numbers(1 to 10) used by Google search engine to rank pages on search results and websites according to their quality and importance.

The Google Pagerank Update usually comes up every 3 months and the last one was in Early May, so if things work according to plans, there is a high probability that another pagerank update should come up by early August. so be on the look out for the pagerank update.

If you want to improve your pagerank, you should work more on building natural backlinks from authority websites  and high PR sites and I hope you get a higher pagerank in tyhe coming update. 

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  1. I dont need to wait for next google PR to update. I can check actual pagerank using

  2. Pagerank determine your website’s health. You must highly optimized it in order to get and keep a good ranking. Some of the best ways to make natural backlinks are social bookmarking, guest posting, article marketing, video marketing, blogging and use of social media.