iPad Could Fall Behind Android as Tablet War Escalates

An increasing variety of smaller Android tablets are all set to add more consumers and challenge Apple’s status quo that has been undeterred since iPad’s launch back in 2010. iPhone and iPad production and shipment are going to keep accelerating at amazing rates, but rival Samsung and the rest have their eyes on countering Apple […]

What is New in Android 4.2?

Previously there was an opinion that with the release of a new Android version it’ll get a new name. But the 4.2 version still remains to be known as Jelly Bean. Though I’m not sure that the name is something that is really important. Much more interesting are the changes that have been introduced in […]

Droid Gallery App Using a Lot of Data? 3 Potential Culprits

With unlimited data plans becoming a thing of the past, monitoring mobile data usage is now a necessity. Every MB counts. One potential bandwidth drain on Android phones is the Gallery app, whose data usage has perplexed users on several forums.   If your Gallery app seems to be using an excessive amount of data […]

10 Top Free Android Applications

If you have an android device or you are hoping to get one, here is a list of 10 Top Free android applications you can install. The rankings is based on how popular the Apps are based on the ratings at the Official android Application website.   1.         Facebook For Android The Facebook for […]