An Overview of Social Media

Social media refers to interaction with people in which they create, share exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks like Facebook, google plus, twitter etc. All these mainly run on cloud and you can check Pertino Cloud Network Services if you are using a cloud system. Social networks  are group of internet applications that is built with technological foundations of web 2.0.

The platform is created to exchange information vote and also have a personal profile of information to network with various people in finding jobs, working and also to maintain socialism.

There are many classifications of social media which takes different forms including magazines, forums, social blogs, web blogs, micro blogs, wikis, social networks, podcasts etc. Kaplan and Heinlein created a classification hierarchy of social media and they are as below.

  • Collaborative projects like Wikipedia
  • Blogs and microblogs like twitter
  • Social news networking sites like Digg and leaker net
  • Social networking sites like Facebook
  • Virtual gaming worlds like world of Warcraft

Talking about the mobile social media it refers to the combination of mobiles devices and social media. This is actually a group of mobile applications that allows the creation and exchange of contents like example whatsapp which runs on iOS, android and also windows. The fact that mobile social media runs on mobile devices they differ from traditional social media by giving extra info like current location and also the time sensitivity. According to Andreas Kaplan mobile social media applications are of four types.

  • Space timers which exchange messages with specific location at a point a time like google places foursquare.
  • Space locators applications like qype.
  • Quick timers like twitter messages and Facebook updates.
  • Slow timers like watching YouTube and Wikipedia entry.

Social media has its business potential like marketing research where you can market products online after analyzing which age group of customers stay mostly online and like your products. Using location and time sensitivity aspects to gain information and later analyzing them is the key.

Communication: you can communicate with each other from almost anywhere in the world and all we need is a good internet connection and the access to social media sites.

Ecommerce: is mainly running now days because of promotion through social media sites and gaining good traffic and exposure.

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