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Copying or ‘burning’ to CD as the process is known is a very useful way of preserving a wide range of data, music and video and of transporting and distributing it widely.

cd copying

Modern computers with a disk drive will normally allow you to create basic multimedia presentations and then to make a CD copy. The type of programme you can create and copy to CD is only limited by your imagination and can include creating your own movie by editing video footage together with narrative or music, typically .wav sound files.

Creating and editing a programme

Freeware distributed with a computer is normally fairly limited so if you want a more professional result it is worth exploring the wide range of software you can download from the Internet.

Multimedia editing software ranges from freeware to sophisticated multimedia editing programmes that typically cost around £50. Most good software packages will enable you to handle the entire process from importing files; graphics, video, sound, images, text, flash, animation etc. and then editing them together to create your programme before finally making a CD copy to distribute to others.

Duplication choices

One issue to consider is the platform, and whether the CD copy you make will run on multiple platforms, typically Windows and MAC OS, but you may also want your programme to run on smart phone mobile operating systems. Software that enables you to create a CD copy from Windows format to run on a Mac or vice versa can be downloaded from the Net.

If you want to make your multimedia CD copy available to a few friends or maybe a few as a company programme to leave with customers, then this can normally be handled from any modern laptop using basic software.

If you want to make multiple CD clones of your work and distribute them widely or sell them, then you may want to consider investing in professional CD copy duplication hardware. This can cost from a few hundred to several thousand pounds depending on how many CD copies you want to duplicate. Alternatively you can have them duplicated by a professional company.

Digital Rights Management

Digital Rights Management is increasingly becoming an important issue especially if the content being distributed on a CD copy is valuable.

When considering copying anything to CD especially for distribution, you should also be sure that you have the right to do so or can obtain a licence from the owner. This includes integrating content into your own programme.

If the programme you are making contains original material; for example music or video you have created yourself or licenced, then you may want to lock it to discourage duplication and protect the intellectual property. Software is available on the Net to lock data and prevent copying.

To control your intellectual property effectively, you could consider preventing anyone unauthorised playing the CD by using an encryption key that can be provided separately. For example; you could send a CD together with a web address in the post. If the recipients want to view the CD, they will first need to visit the website to obtain a unique encryption key which may mean agreeing to your end user licensing terms.

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