5 Viral Marketing Tips To Get More Website Traffic With Facebook And Pinterest

Facebook and Pinterest have become the best social media marketing tools for online businesses to attract more visitors to their website. With the growing popularity of those social media websites, you can do viral marketing promotion even more effective. Here are 5 viral marketing tips to get more website visitors with Facebook and Pinterest:

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1. Share Awesome Content With Best Graphic On Pinterest

If you want to attract more traffic to your website with Pinterest, you should do this regularly. You should share great content and match them with best graphic so that people will find your Pinterest page so appealing. You don’t need to keep sharing your own website content to your Pinterest followers, but you have to creatively find content that can really spark interest in your niche audience.

But, be sure to stay relevant with your niche and put an awesome graphic for that content when you pin it. Lastly, don’t forget to insert your website URL around your pin so that people can click that link and visit your website right away.

2. Ask Questions And Expand It To A Discussion On Pinterest

Pinterest can become a good place to start a good discussion related to your niche. What you just need to do is to ask good question related to your niche so that your audience can answer it easily and respond to their comments actively with another question. In this way, a discussion will go on and on and your Pinterest page will become more and more popular.

More people will want to take part of the discussion and follow your Pinterest account. This will entice your audience to become your website visitors as well.

3. Pin Some Interesting New Findings Each Day

Remember that your activity of pinning should be done each and every day. If you are active on Pinterest, your followers will see you as a good source of information, especially if you keep pinning some new and interesting things about your niche each day. People will have more interest to follow your Pinterest account and visit your website to see what you have to offer to them.

So, don’t keep your Pinterest account dormant. You have to keep pinning new stuff every day so that people will always want to see your latest update on Pinterest. Of course, this includes pinning your newest website content as well.

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4. Follow The Trend On Facebook

Facebook is a great place to socialize online, and you can be successful in your viral promotion if you can simply follow the trend on Facebook. What’s hot out there? What’s the hottest thing that most of your friends or fans are talking about? You have to share similar content so that people will want to share your content on Facebook.

This is in fact a good way to do successful viral marketing on Facebook. This will attract more people to visit your website for more information.

5. Give Something Good Away On Facebook

If you can provide something better on Facebook, you will get people talking about it over and over. So, another way to create a successful viral marketing campaign is to give something good away on Facebook, and let people share the good stuff with others. If it really stands out from the crowd, you will be able to make it popular on Facebook. However, it is better for you to have a fan page to do this, and by doing so, people can simply go to your page and like it. Of course, in order to get the stuff that you want to give, they need to visit your website and get it there.

Those are 5 viral marketing tips to get more website visitors with Facebook and Pinterest. If you want to make a successful viral marketing campaign, those websites are the best social platforms for you to go with. If you can take the full advantage of those social media platforms, attracting avalanche of massive traffic to your website is no longer a difficult task to do.

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