iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S – What is the Difference?

Friday morning, the 21st of September 2012 has finally seen the release of the new iPhone 5. This so awaited event has witness many awaiting hours of queues outside apple stores and around 2 millions of pre-orders!

New “iPhone 5 addicts“seem to be pleased for the moment. Changes in the iPhone have witnessed a shift of Apple from Google Maps. Apple has in fact now switched to its own Maps system, thanks to the new iOS6 Maps, as well as it has removed Google´s YouTube App from its “essentials”. The new Apple maps so far seem not to be as reliable and precise as its biggest competitor. Many steps are still to take upon and probably now it´s too soon to make a final judgment, although for many new users, this seems to have been the largest discontent so far.

Among the new iphone 5 features, the most outstanding enhancements comprise: lighter and thinner design, larger screen, improved camera, faster iOS6 processor, 4G mobile broadband, smaller dock connector, new earphones design and longer battery life.

iPhone 5 vs iPhobe4S

iphone 5 vs iPhobe4S

Let´s give a closer look to some of the new iPhone 5 features.

Retina display: 4 inch vs. 3.5 inch

The new display is quite wider, making the iPhone 5 slightly taller: 4-inch retina display compared to the previous 3.5-inch for a total height of 4.87 inches compared to the previous 4.5 inches. Cnet reviews states that the quality is so much better that once you have tried it “you’re going to have a hard time going back”. With the new larger screen, there is now more spaces for an entire row of icons, pop-up notification have became less intrusive and the view is of a more landscape-oriented video. The iPhone 5 display has now 18 percent more pixels with an 1136-by-640 resolution compared to the previous 960-by-640, definitely improving colours saturation.

iphone 5

Design: what has changed?

Although the iPhone 5 has a larger screen, making the phone slightly wider,  at the same time it is lighter that the “old” iPhone 4S. The glass backside of the iPhone 4S has been replaced by a bigger-one-piece aluminium, which goes all the way to the sides and holds the front glass. Such change is likely to make the new iPhone stronger and harder to break, as the glass component is reduced.


Better iSight Camera

Improvements are to be seen also in the new iSight camera. While the megapixel are yet still 8 and both the aperture and (f/2.4) and the hybrid IR filter remain the same, the camera now includes a 2 f-stops and a new lower light mode which now works way better under low-light environment conditions. Other developments incorporate a considerably increased reduction of the noise and a 40 percent faster performance.

The Panorama feature is for sure the more outstanding step forward for what concern the new iPhone 5´s camera. It works better that other androids´ panorama systems and it is very intuitive in use. Users are now able to move around in the environment while shooting in panorama mode. Enjoy shooting while the software stitches together your pictures for a final distortion-less outcome.


A6 chip vs. A5

Compared to the old A5 processor, the new A6 chip has definitely increased in performance, with an highly enhanced graphic, it is also 22 percent smaller than the A5 chip; making the new iPhone 5 twice as fast as its predecessor.

Many features of the iOS 6 have been improved: shared photo system, siri, facebook, phone, facetime, messages, safari and music; while others are totally new: maps and passbook (a new app digital –wallet that gathers and stores documents such has: tickets, gift voucher, boarding passes and so on) are the greater examples.


Siri vs. Siri

The new Siri has gone through a considerable improvement, becoming now a new sort of personal “virtual-voice-assistant”. With Siri we now explore a new range of possibilities, from finding the nearest restaurants to booking a table at your favourite café, from looking at movies ´reviews and seeing cinema’s schedules to updated your twitter and facebook status or check the latest football scores. A great step forward considering that the “old Siri” could not even understand names in your phone book!


Further changes include a smaller SIM-card (now Nano-SIM compared to the previous Micro-SIM), a new and more ear-comfortable design of the earpods (the iPhone earphones), and new, smaller and easy-to-carry charger (now called: the lightening connector). For an overall better performance the battery life has also been enhanced (it lasts on average two more hours compared to the previous version).

 iphone5 ligthening collector

iphone 5 earphone

Linking most of the new iPhone 5 features but stuck with 4S? No worries, owners of the iPhone 4S can update the software to the new iOS 6 and enjoy almost all of the iPhone 5 new features.

For more detailed information and direct comparison of the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S, visit ww.apple.com.


-Images Credit: pictures re-adapted from www.apple.com, www.cnet.com & Google Images



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  1. They have to focus with the development of the next iPhone5S or they will face another misery from the competitor. Most people were see previous iPhone as low in specs and some feature were not there. Unlike, Samsung Galaxy that has some sort of performance.

  2. iPhone 5 was cool…much was expected from iphone 6 but it is not upto expectations!