Infographic: How to Get More Out Of Google

Created by: HackCollege

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  1. Great infographic … Got to know about the various operators I wasn’t aware of.
    Thanks for the share!

  2. Thanks for this, I am a huge fan of infographics as they are easy to follow.

  3. Hey, Joseph – thanks for the article! I have learned some new shortcuts to help me with my “Googling!” The article fails to mention that Google has a ton of other resources you can use for free – Google Alerts, Webmaster Tools, Adwords, Voice, maps, etc. I can certaintly say is that Google is, “number 1” in my case – forget Facebook, amazon, Yahoo, etc!

  4. I say that Google is the best company in the world! Reason – they have numerous programs that we can use AND for free! Thanks for the “shortcuts,” Joseph! I will start using them.