Does Double The Price Mean Double The Phone? The HTC One Max Vs. The LG Nexus 5

In this day and age, saving money is a defining feature of many of our lives. Most of us are on a limited budget, and if you happen to be mobile phone shopping then you might be wondering whether or not it’s worth spending more or trying to cut costs. It has to be said that sometimes spending a bunch more cash can get you a way better mobile, but that’s not always the case.


Just why do mobiles cost so much? There are a lot of factors that go into mobile pricing, some of which are related to performance and some of which aren’t. Things like brand name effect how much you’re going to pay, which is why devices like iPhones are so expensive. Then there are considerations like material, an aluminium based phone is going to cost you a lot more than one with plastic casing.

Today, however, we’re looking at a great example of why you don’t always need to pay a lot more to get a decent mobile. In fact, in today’s case, you can spend half the money and get what we think is a better device. Don’t believe us? Then keep reading to find out why sometimes it’s better to go for the cheaper option.

Budget vs. High End 

Okay, LG might not be your first choice of brand names when it comes to mobile phones, you’re more likely to pick up a Samsung, Apple, Nokia or even Sony product, and yet there’s a solid reason why you should be looking at LG products. Because the company isn’t a huge mobile name, you’re not going to be paying big brand prices, and LG phones do tend to be some of the best mobile deals around.

Today, we’ve got the brand new LG Nexus 5, a stunning little phone that’s high powered, affordable and the first new phone to run the new version of Android. The Nexus is a sweet deal, and it’s as good looking as they come, and when we get to looking at specs, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised with what you’re getting.

HTC are one of the best producers of business phones on the market. An HTC business phone is going to have plenty of power, as well as fantastic compatibility when it comes to things like scheduling and office based programmes. Plus, an easy to use interface that lets you design your own news feeds means that you don’t even need to open your phone to get important info updates.

One of the biggest releases from HTC that we’ve seen recently (both literally and figuratively) is the HTC One Max. This is a phablet version of HTC’s flagship model the HTC One. Basically, all this means is that you get a lot more screen space, which can be handy. The One Max might have some great features, but it’s also expensive, and strangely the LG model stands up pretty well if we make the two phones compete.

The Initial Toss Up

If you’ve shopped on the mobile market recently, you’ll know that there are two big things that you’re going to be looking for in a new phone, namely processing power and screen size. Looking at these two phones, they both come out on top in one of these areas.

The LG Nexus 5 does have a better processor than the HTC One Max, in fact quite significantly so. The 2300 MHz processor that the LG is running is going to make the device a lot faster and a lot more responsive than the HTC which only has a 1700 MHz processor.

On the other side though, the HTC is a phablet, so naturally that means that it gets a bigger screen. The Nexus has a solid five inch screen, but the One Max has a 5.9 inch display, so you’re going to be able to see you videos, web pages and documents a lot better, as well as being able to type more comfortably too.

Initially, it’s tough to decide between the two devices, so clearly we’re going to need to look at them in a little more detail before we really know which is the best buy.

Advanced Options

There is one way in which the HTC model outstrips the LG and that’s when it comes to battery life. Battery life is obviously important in a phone, since you don’t want to have to run for your phone charger every hour or so, and the HTC does get about double the active use for each charge cycle when compared to the LG. In basic terms that means that you’ll need to charge your phone half as often.

The LG is coming out on top in a couple of areas though. The first is its camera specs. HTC notoriously put low specced cameras on their business phones, perhaps presuming that business customers aren’t too interested in picture taking, and the One Max has only a 4 MP camera. The Nexus, on the other hand has an 8 MP camera, so you’ll get much better photos. If you’re interested in mobile photography, then you can find out more about camera specs here.

The LG also gets more PPI. PPI stands for pixels per inch, and it’s basically a measurement of how clear and sharp a screen’s display is. The Nexus has a healthy 444 PPI, and the HTC only 373 PPI, so you get better screen definition on the LG.

Price Points

The real difference here is going to be when it comes to price. You should, of course, use a site like to make sure that you’re getting a cheap deal since mobile prices can vary. However, generally speaking the HTC One Max is going to cost you around six hundred pounds and the LG Nexus 5 only about three hundred pounds. Clearly, the HTC One Max isn’t twice as good as the LG Nexus 5, so why pay twice as much money?

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