How to Put 728×90 Leaderboard Ads Below Navigation Bar In Genesis Themes :- ads below your navigation bar in genesis.

In recent times, I have been getting messages from some bloggers that are new to the genesis framework on how they can add a leaderboard ads below their navigation bar like I did on this blog. Adding adsense below your menu bar in genesis is not that difficult, the issue is most people think they can just edit the genesis framework template like they do for every other themes but it is quite unfortunate that genesis themes cannot be edited like that except if you are a WP GURU .

To be able to edit your template and put the Ads below your genesis navigation bar, you will need to install a free plugin- “Genesis Simple Hooks”. This plugins will allow us to place codes and ads at specific places in our genesis theme. With this plugin, editing your Genesis theme becomes a lot more easier.

You can get this plugin by just searching for it from your WordPress dashboard at the usual place where you add plugins. So, i believe you should have the plugin installed now, so let us proceed.

After installing the plugin, just follow the steps below to add ads below your navigation bar in genesis Framework.

Hoover your mouse over the Genesis Theme settings link on your sidebar and select  “Simple Hooks” form the fly out options.

ads below nav bar in genesis

At the simple Hooks settings page, you will find  lots of boxes which represents various positions/hook points for your theme; but in this post you are to look for the box labelled “Header Hooks”. It is not that far from the Top, just scroll down a bit and you will find it.

ads below navigation bar in genesis

Now, go to your Adsense account or any other ads service you want to put their to copy your ads code, and paste it in the “Genesis After Header Hook” box. Tick the “Execute PHP on this Hook” Box and save changes.

ads below your navigation bar in genesis

If You followed the steps above correctly, you should now have an Ad Below your Navigational Bar in your Genesis theme. if you run into any difficulty, feel free to use the comment box.

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  1. thanks for this tips but can one use it with any theme apart from genesis

  2. Thanks for sharing this bro.
    Just what I wanted.

  3. Please, can you help me?
    i want to display the 728 ads only inside post, any help?

  4. Perfect and simple! Thanks!

  5. Thank You very much 🙂 for this very simple guide ! I had a problem related to this issue, As im newbie ! Documentation wasn’t working but this Guide is really helpfull ! Now my site is perfectly running with Eleven40 Pro theme 🙂

    thanks Again