How to Play Any PC Game On Your iPhone Or Android Device

Mobile gaming is a pursuit that has been evolving over the past few years. Newly evolved devices like Smartphones and tablets have features that support games of different resolutions and interfaces. Smartphones platform like yours and Android is developed on such a scale that has given casual games a new life.

There are millions of games that have been played on iPhones and any other Smartphones, but how many of you know well how to play your favorite game on your Smartphone. No, bewildering, because iPhones and tablets PC has now been upgraded to such a level that it can support graphics and gameplay of any game exceptionally. Now you can play your favorite PC games on your iPhone or Android device. Get ready to enjoy PC games on your iPhone by getting a little bit tricky.

This trick will allow you to play your PC game through your mobile device as sketchily described on Reddit. You can play your favorite PC game like Skyrim or Diablo whilst sitting anywhere within the range of your local network. The game with 800 x 600 resolutions can easily be streamlined through your PC to your Smartphone. Isn’t it worth?  Just follow these steps

  • Wireless controller (In case of Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, you can link one of them)
  • Device controller (Lamp with rubber band)
  • Splashtop’s market-leading remote desktop software (for configuration of game)iphone 5 release


First Step:

Wireless controller is essential to make it handier, you can play with ease. For wireless controller you can use Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 as a wireless controller that can help you play your game from anywhere either you are sitting or lying on a bed.


Second Step:

To place your device at one point certainly you will need something as you can find out many other household items. But isn’t it a good idea to find the right thing to control your device? According to Reddit method, it suggests device controller that is a lamp with rubber bands that keeps your device fix.

Third Step:

To install and configure your favorite game direct from your PC, Reddit suggests   Splashtop’s market-leading remote desktop software that offers remote access to your Desktop from any mobile device. Splashtop 2 HD can be used to do anything from viewing and editing files, to transmittable HD movies and playing some of your favorite gaming titles.

This software helps to configure and install the game on your Smartphone, once the game is configured successfully; you are ready to play your favorite PC game.

This method is applicable on all Smartphones like Galaxy S III or One X.  You can have the chance to play whilst lying in bed or sofa, it’s your bravura, how would you manage, now the hardcore gamer is ready to play his favorite game.

It might be quite enjoyable, playing games anywhere and everywhere from your PC, but don’t you think so it’s quite unhealthy pastime, that you don’t want to take a break from your PC. Having a long gaming session through small screen won’t make your tedious. Well it’s good to perform healthy activity as excess of everything is bad!


About Author:

I am Khan, currently working with a software testing company offering wide variety of services which also include test iphone app services. I am always passionate about writing mobile, smartphone and gadget.

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  1. That would be nice if we can control PC games using mobile phone from a distance. The setup you mentioned is little costly for some but it is really comfortable solution for hardcore gamers who already owns xbox and willing to spend few more bucks on the phone and the phone app.

  2. Wow I never new you could play PC games on your phone, while it’s quite a costly set up it would be awesome to play things like diablo from your mobile.

    I have the iPhone 5 and I have always thought the game apps were pretty terrible as they are so limiting, I’ll give the set up a go and let you know how I get on.

  3. Thanks for sharing, i never thought i will be able to play my laptop game on my android device. its really helpful.

  4. Hey Joseph,
    By the way very nice article, shows simple and easiest way to PC games on android or iPhone. I think this is the best free way to play pc games on android devices, thanks for sharing such a nice info.

  5. wao thats great budy, it will be too good for game lovers, good for work.
    Yaseen @ softwares Games

  6. Although this is really a good idea, some games are great only while on PC and a PC is always a way more than a mobile. am i right?

  7. I was never aware that we can play PC games on ANdroid devices. I was only aware about the vice versa of this.
    Thanks for sharing this detailed article. I will surely give it a try now.

  8. You are great, smartphones are getting really big these days, and most game developers made old version of their games (like GTA) available for new smartphone. Thanks for sharing the article…