How To Get a WordPress Profile Picture/Gravatar

I have seen some newbie bloggers on wordpress over the recent weeks asking the question of “How they can get their Picture as a  profile Picture in their wordpress dashboard”. though, this is one of the basic things every blogger should know and have, but unfortunately, I have seen so many bloggers without a gravatar Image and I can tell you that this is absolutely Bad.

Not having a gravatar/profile image in wordpress does not show professionalism at all, in fact, I don’t stay too long on a blog where the author has no profile picture/gravatar.

If you are a newbie, (we were all once a newbie) and you want to get a profile picture on your wordpress dashvoard, then getting it is quite simple, all you need to do is go to GRAVATAR to sign up with the email address that is associated with your wordpress blog admin. i.e you should register with the email on your wordpress blogg profile.

you can also add more emails and add various images from your gravatar dashboard.

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