How To Create A Mobile Version Of Your WordPress Blog Using MobilePress

It is no more news that there has been a huge growth in the number of mobile phone users and people that access the web from their mobile phones. In this century, more people are resolving to the use of Phones and gadgets for their day to day internet activities, not just because it is cheaper, but it is also convenient as it can be operated on the go.

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Due to the ever increasing rate of mobile phone and Smartphone users, I think it will be cool if bloggers can optimize their WordPress blog for mobile visitors especially if you are getting a high percentage of mobile visits on your blog.

For you to create a mobile version of your blog we will be using a nifty plugin that does all the job for you, this plugin is called MobilePress.


The MobilePress plugin is an awesome nifty WordPress plugin that uses its own inbuilt customized themes that allows your WordPress blog to be perfectly mobile friendly. The MobilePress plugin allows developers and tech savvy users to create their own theme or customize the existing themes in the plugin.

This plugin is Search Engine friendly and it will also help Google and MSN mobile search bots to detect the mobile version of your blog, and this will surely help your rankings on mobile search result pages.


How to Install MobilePress

Installing MobilePress is quite easy, if you want to install MobilePress, you can either do it automatically or manually. I will prefer the automatic option and this can be done by login into your dashboard and navigating to Plugins>>> Add New>> and search for MobilePress using the plugin search form on the plugin search page and automatically install MobilePress.

If you want install it the manual way, go to this link: Download MobilePress to download MobilePress.

–  Upload file into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

– Login to your WordPress admin page, click Plugins >> Installed. Look for MobilePress, and click the Activate link.

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How To Customize Your MobilePress

Customizing your MobilePress is quite easy because the plugin comes with an easy to use settings page where you make your changes like setting your blog title, blog description and so on.


If you want to change your theme, go to MobilePress->Themes to select your preferred theme; but I will advise you to use the default theme.

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  1. WOW, amazing informative tutorial… looking for such type of application to create my blog’s mobile app since a long time.

    • Hi Rajkumar, am glkad the post is helpful, I will be publishing another tutorial on how to put adsense on it very soon.

  2. It is a nice plugin for mobile theme. I am also using it in my site