How To Automate Blogger Blogs

Do you think it is impossible to automate a Blogger blog? The good news is that is its Possible, I have had an automated blog on blogger for about a year now and the blog is still there publishing contents on its own daily without me writing on moderating. Automating your blogger blog is quite easy, it is something you can setup within 30 minutes or less, I will be showing you how to automate your blogger blogs below.

Lets automate blogger blogs

  • Login to your blog dashboard and select the blog you want to Automate.
  • Go to settings under this blog and click on the Mobile and Email settings link
automate blogger blogs
  • Under the Email settings, you will find the Posting using email section. Create a secret email address here because all messages sent to this email will automatically be turned into a blog post on your blog.
  • Go and download a simple auto responder script (you can get a good one by searching Google).
  • In the auto responder script settings, add all your secret email that was created as a subscriber and add all the articles that you will want to automate to your blogger blog and set up the posting intervals at which you will want them to be posted.

Now test you automated blogger blog if it works well. Test the HTML tags and Links and other formatting options.

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