Hosting Sweepstakes for your Business?

Businesses like an internet franchise have the potential to be quite profitable. After all, everybody loves contests and sweepstakes. However, every new business venture comes with risks. contest-clip-art1

Nothing is ever a guaranteed success. Still, whether you plan on starting purely an online sweepstakes business or simply want to incorporate sweepstakes into your current business’s marketing strategy, there are notable benefits to hosting sweepstakes.

Build Fan Base

Sweepstakes are a great way to build your business’s fan base. For instance, businesses can get many more likes on their Facebook pages when they choose to host sweepstakes. Many users will like their pages simply in the hopes of winning something in the sweepstakes that they’re running.

Getting more likes on social media profiles makes it so that your business ranks higher in the search engines as well, which means that you business will get seen by more potential customers.

Engage Your Audience

Sweepstakes are an ideal way to engage your audience. Hosting a sweepstakes that requires users to upload photos or videos to enter brings out their instincts to compete. Of course, when they upload their photos and videos, they are doing so under your brand, which is helping your company as well.

This allows users to interact with your brand and deepen the connection between them and your brand.

Source of Data

Sweepstakes can serve as rich sources of data about your potential customers. People are more willing to share information about themselves when they have the temptation of a possible prize at the end of the questionnaire. Of course, you don’t want to overdo it and get too personal with the questions.

Try to keep your questions relevant to the sweepstakes, but don’t miss your opportunity to learn more about your customer base, which can help you with marketing tactics in the future.

For instance, be sure to ask your audience how they heard about your sweepstakes, what their favorite product that you off is and so on.

Free Marketing

when you host sweepstakes, oftentimes your customers will end up doing your marketing for you. They will more readily share your promotion if it benefits them as well. For instance, if there is a voting component to your sweepstakes, they will likely share the news about it on their social networking profiles to get support from friends and family members that will support their entries and increase their chances of winning.

When used in conjunction with other marketing strategies, sweepstakes can be effective marketing tools. Therefore, business owners might want to consider implementing them into their business strategies.

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