Getresponse Vs VerticalResponse – Who performs best?

When running a business website, it is mandatory to build a subscriber base and for that, you will need to have email marketing services in order to send out thousands of emails to your subscribers on a regular basis. Sending your latest or premium posts in the form emails to your regular visitors ensure that you don’t lose potential customers and keep the visitors interested in your website.

Nowadays, many email marketing services are available in the market but only few are able to provide the kind of services that will increase traffic on your website, thus, increasing the profit as well. Today, we will be focusing mainly on Getresponse and VerticalResponse. Both of them are reputable and quality email marketing service provider and is used by millions of people all over the world. However, who, out of both the companies, turns out to be the winner when it comes to providing better services. Let’s just see for ourselves.


Introduction to Getresponse


Getresponse is an outstanding email marketing platform that enables you to achieve immense success and customer base within few weeks. It offers services like email management, tracking email campaigns, sending multiple emails and creating E-newsletter at a very reasonable price that you won’t be able to find anywhere. Even though, Getresponse has many competitors in the market that offers the similar services, it still has managed to be on the top of the table due to various reasons such as pricing, additional features like landing page creator, ability to integrate with third party easily, split testing and many more. This has made Getresponse, a company founded in 1999, by far the best email marketing company all over the world.

Introduction to VerticalResponse


VerticalResponse combines your email marketing endeavors with your social networking to help you improve your company’s reach in today’s computer-based world. This service has been helping companies with their email campaigns since 2001. As social networking has evolved, so has VerticalResponse. The dashboard looks great, but it takes some getting used to. VerticalResponse is clearly organized so that you can find your way around without a problem. The only difficulty we found in the organization is that in order to access the reports, you must be on the main menu page. Other applications we reviewed have a tab for reports that you can click on no matter where you are in the interface.



Look, feel and effective use is very important for any email marketing software. You want all your emails you sent out to appear very good and get as many people to click as possible. Both of them have 100% responsive email creators so you can easily send out the email you want, with powerful drag and drop and instant preview functions. Vertical Response has some great templates, with a more intuitive drag-and-drop tool. It offers over 700 design templates and the software will offer you ‘What you see, What you get’ feature to easily create dynamic emails.


On the other hand, GetResponse rolled out their new editor, “Just Create”. Their system is spectacular with four ways to create the template and very powerful functions to edit the templates. With Getresponse, you can even undo the changes and browse your history. These features allow you to edit your email template a breeze with GetResponse. The reason Getresponse is among the top email marketing services is because of the responsive email template design it offers to the client.

Although, the templates seem to be outdated, their functionality is unmatched and unrivaled. You get thousands of ready made email templates and if you want, you can make necessary changes with just few clicks. You don’t need to be technically advance in order to use them.

Therefore, Getresponse is the obvious winner in the design category as it offers far better functionality in their templates.


VisualResponse evidently lags behind in this respect as they offer a nice-looking sign up form that can match with your theme, autoresponders, great social network integrations, etc. It also provides reporting feature with depth metrics with sales tracking from email campaigns. Autoresponder feature seems to be very basic with welcome emails and basic scheduling. Customer support system is available 7 days a week with additional robust knowledge base online.

On the other hand, GetResponse provides a powerful landing page builder, forms, signup, surveys, inbox previews (to make sure your emails perform in any email client), along with “Multimedia Studio” that allows  the users to upload files to GetResponse servers which are more trustworthy when sent in emails.

GetResponse has a video on their landing page creator which I feel is a great way to save time and money by keeping everything with one software and system. Its autoresponder feature offers the best way to schedule all your emails to your subscriber in case you go on a holiday. Other features include live reporting and analysis, quick customer support, email segmentation with unlimited number of segmented list and free 30 days trial without the need to enter the credit card details.

Overall, Getresponse offer far better features than VerticalResponse with some unique features like landing page creator and responsive email templates.


Vertical Response is a brilliant option, especially when it comes to beginners in terms of pricing because they offer a free plan for up to 1000 subscribers, which allows you to use the software and get used to it. They also allow you to pay monthly or on the go, with special plans for people with larger lists and discounted plans for non-profits.


GetResponse offers slightly pricier plans than its rival Vertical Response but they do offer free 30 day trial, which you can use in order to get used to it. You don’t need to enter your card details so there isn’t any worry about your money being debited after the trail period expires. And when paid annually, GetResponse can be cheaper than Vertical Response.


So, pricing is another aspect where Getresponse is a winner.

Enterprise Solutions

If you are an experienced Internet marketer with thousands or even millions on multiple lists, or if you are looking for email marketing software on behalf of a large company, it is worth comparing their enterprise solutions. Vertical Response already offers very powerful enterprise features such as high scalability, developer features, flexible pricing plans, etc.

However, GetResponse has a more well-rounded full blown enterprise solution known as GetResponse 360. The software is extremely powerful, allowing even more control over emails for marketers, along with priority support so your issues will be resolved first before regular customers of GetResponse. GetResponse 360 is used by large corporations such as Marriott and Carrefour, so you can see why it is a trusted enterprise solution.

Overall Winner

So, it’s time to reveal the winner of our GetResponse vs Vertical Response comparison. Although you may have guessed judging on the individual subject wins, the overall winner is GetResponse – Congrats. Although Vertical Response has a nice clean homepage, awesome free pricing plans, and solid social options, GetResponse goes above and beyond beginner functions like autoresponders and mass email tools. They offer next-level corporate solutions to webmasters albeit at a slightly higher price. As a result we recommends signing up for the GetResponse free trial offer for 30 days here to test out the system and get used to the platform as you may love it in the future.

That said, if you are currently using a different email marketing platform such as Mailchimp or Aweber, you can easily import your list over in a variety of formats if you want to switch to GetResponse. This can be quite helpful, especially if you are purchasing a website from someone and you want to change their current subscriber platform to your own.

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