Is It Time to Discard the iPhone 4S?

The iPhone 5 has sent ripples in the market for sure. With all the new shiny features, I think it has sent a message loud and clear, and the message is that it’s probably time to throw away the iPhone 4S and take a leap towards the iPhone 5.

In fact the most notable thing about the iPhone 5 is that even before it was launched; it had already developed a stronghold of the market in terms of a thick fan base. Although, there were many rumored promises which failed miserably when the actual device came out, it did nothing to dampen the spirits of the iPhone enthusiasts.

Let us take a look at the many features of distinction between the old and the new versions of this boy!


Camera has never really been the forte for the iPhone (I still wonder why), but the new iPhone 5 houses the same 8 mega pixel camera in place for its primary one. However, the real element of surprise featured itself in the front camera. Users who love the Facetime and Skype are in for a real treat as the new phone features a 1.2 megapixel front camera. The previous version hosted a silly VGA camera (which is as good as not having one).


The Sim is the trouble spot, you know. How people try to take it to different countries and break open the Sim to insert (after mutilating) another Sim. Well, that’s because the iPhone 4D uses the Micro Sim. No, don’t feel euphoriated, because the iPhone 5 doesn’t really change the situation, although it does use a Nano Sim.


This is probably the biggest platform for distinction. The difference in design has taken a ginormous leap in the arena of futuristic phones. The iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4 S looked more or less the same, but the iPhone 5 is a whole new world altogether.

It is much thinner and lighter in terms of weight. It has a beautiful design that makes it look almost fail proof. The design is actually really inspiring and ensures that people get this feeling of being Holier than thou if you know what I mean.

IOS 6 and A6 Processor iphone5 vs iphone 4

The processor of the iPhone is essentially the whole key that turns the lock, but it has been noted that the iOS6 and the A6 aren’t essentially very different (unless of course you consider design and layout). I say this because ultimately the user experience remains very similar between them both.

When it comes to the speed offered, I’d say I’m not a fan of either. They both are ‘fast’ like Apple claims for them to be, but really not fast enough. There’s a lot of scope to be dealt with and the fact that we are expecting the futuristic transparent iPhone shortly, which is why, it may not be the best call to do away with your iPhone 4S to pick the iPhone 5. You know you might as well just wait for that device from the future and get your hands on it.

Author Bio:

Justin Depp is a professional research Analyst with interest in Technology and build iPhone app. Being an ardent Steve Jobs and Apple fan, Justin has been closely following all developments in the smartphone and tablet market.

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