How to Put 728×90 Leaderboard Ads Below Navigation Bar In Genesis Themes :- ads below your navigation bar in genesis.

In recent times, I have been getting messages from some bloggers that are new to the genesis framework on how they can add a leaderboard ads below their navigation bar like I did on this blog. Adding adsense below your menu bar in genesis is not that difficult, the issue is most people think they […]

How To Create A Mobile Version Of Your WordPress Blog Using MobilePress

It is no more news that there has been a huge growth in the number of mobile phone users and people that access the web from their mobile phones. In this century, more people are resolving to the use of Phones and gadgets for their day to day internet activities, not just because it is […]

How To Add The Comment Form to A Single Post Page in MobilePress

These Days, Lots of People are using the MobilePress Plugin to create a mobile version because of its simplicity and easy usability. The MobilePress Plugin is quite good, but it has some short comings and one of these limitations is that the comment form does not appear on the posts Pages; your reader will need […]

Sabre Plugin : Stop Spam Registration on Your WordPress Blog

HHW87JEDDRWG When I started using the WordPress platform for my blogs, I had little to no knowledge of which and which things I should take care and also I did not know much about the essential plugins i should install. For about 6 months, I did not have a wordpress registration anti spam plugin, unfortunately, I have […]

My 7 Favorite and Effective Plugins For Securing Your WordPress Blog

The WordPress platform is a wonderful and easy to use CMS platform and it is currently the number CMS/blogging Platform in the world, but it is sad to know that it has lots of security vulnerable points that can be exploited by hackers. In other to avoid being hacked, you need to ensure that you […]

WordPress 3.4 Officially Released

WordPress 3.4 has been officially released today June 13 2012 and it is now available for download and upgrade for current wordpress users. This is the Official statement released on the Website- “WordPress 3.4 is here and out the door. We’ve dubbed this release “Green” in honor of guitarist Grant Green whose soulful simplicity […]

How To Add Facebook Commenting To Your WordPress Blog

I have been trying to add the Facebook commenting system to this site for some time now, but I have been having series of problem with most of the WordPress Facebook Commenting Plugins that I have been installing. But, I have finally found a plugin that works well without affecting the default WordPress commenting system. […]

WordPress Applications Store is Live!

WordPress is indeed the best Content Management System in the world today, it is easy to setup, design, modify and create good looking websites and blog. The WordPress Platform is getting popular and better by the day and lots of applications and servvices are being developed daily to improve its user experience. One of such […]