An Overview of Social Media

Social media refers to interaction with people in which they create, share exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks like Facebook, google plus, twitter etc. All these mainly run on cloud and you can check Pertino Cloud Network Services if you are using a cloud system. Social networks  are group of internet applications […]

How Criminals Get Caught Because of Facebook

What was once thought of as merely an amusing, slightly vapid social networking tool is now being touted as an invaluable source of evidence in criminal investigations. Apparently it’s become all the rage to post photographic evidence of yourself breaking the law on the Internet. How else can an up-and-coming young thug hope to make it in […]

How To Tap Into The True Power Of YouTube

A while back I was running a personal site about body building with the hope that it would eventually start attracting enough traffic to become profitable and even potentially to pay for my lifestyle. One of the ways I intended to do this was by creating a YouTube channel to support the channel which I […]

5 Viral Marketing Tips To Get More Website Traffic With Facebook And Pinterest

Facebook and Pinterest have become the best social media marketing tools for online businesses to attract more visitors to their website. With the growing popularity of those social media websites, you can do viral marketing promotion even more effective. Here are 5 viral marketing tips to get more website visitors with Facebook and Pinterest: 1. […]

How to Build Your Brand Across Social Media and Your Domain

Branding is one of the most difficult and important things you’ll ever do if you own a website. Branding starts with your website design. Many Professional wordpress themes are designed to make branding easier by making it simple to get your logo on the correct parts of the site, by supporting Gravatars and with other […]

How to Use Social Media in Online Marketing

Generally, we call the process of promoting a product or service Marketing. And when we promote on the web it is called Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing is usually abbreviated to e-Marketing. And Social media marketing is promoting products and services through social media websites. If you are truly interested in learning more about social media […]

What Pinterest is and how to Use it Effectively

Chances are you’ve heard of Pinterest. But maybe you’re not sure exactly what it is? Simply put, Pinterest is a social networking site that uses theme-based pages and images that users can share and collect. It’s become massively popular since starting in 2009. In May 2012, estimates placed the number of Pinterest users are 11.7 […]