How to Turn Your Mobile Phone into a Portable Gaming Console

There is no reason to miss your favorite game when you are on the go. Now you can turn your mobile phone, Android phone or tablet into a portable gaming console. With this hack, you can play all the games that you love even when you are not at home using your home console. You […]

What You must Immediately Do after Phone Theft!

A mobile phone is the most venerable piece of technology we carry with us everywhere. It has all of our personal data; pictures, videos, contacts, messages, and every other thing you can save in it. Have you thought, what will happen if you lost your cell phone? We invest so much emotionally and financially into […]

Top 3 Smartphones for Gaming

Since the concept of mobile phones began, there has been a significant evolution over the years in what these devices are able to do. Currently, some 2014 models are designed well for the purpose of gaming. These can be simple games such as online roulette to high performance games such as simulation games. One phone […]

5 Little Gadgets That Make Life Easier If You Use A Wheelchair

Some things in life are always a little bit more complicated for people with disabilities, but the good news is that things are slowly getting better. New gadgets are being released every year and they’re breathing new life into millions of people around the world. If you are confined to a wheelchair you might find […]

Mobile Phone Safety Tips

As mobiles become more integral to daily life, an awareness of safety sadly appears to be diminishing. Not only do many users risk life and limb, many reveal so much private information that they allow themselves to become a stalker or thief’s dream. Sound alarmist? Possibly so, yet that doesn’t negate the truth that too […]

Tips for Choosing a Mobile Provider

Finding the best mobile provider can be a time-consuming and confusing process. With four major providers these days, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, there are many choices. Each provider offers a different set of plans and oftentimes offers different phones. Choosing the right mobile provider requires looking at one’s needs and at what each provider […]

Infographic: How SmartPhones Shape Business

With advances in technology making it easier than ever for consumers to connect with businesses, it is important to take advantage of the tools available to grow your brand in your industry. Nowadays, people are constantly on the go and smartphones have allowed them to find information on products and services and make purchases online […]

Great Bargain Smartphones

It’s almost impossible to go anywhere without seeing people using their smartphones these days. Some people are so caught up in the fad that they can’t be without their mobile for even a minute. And, they MUST have the newest, coolest product on the market, regardless of the price. For many more of us, the […]

A Comparison Of The Motorola Razr I And The LG Optimus G

Motorola and LG have had mixed fortunes over recent years. Motorola are now very close with Google and are looking to revitalise their Razr range. LG have similarly worked with Google recently having had mixed success with their phones over the years. So, how do these two phones stack up on form, display, storage, the […]

Why Spend More For Less? The Blackberry Z30 Vs. The LG Nexus 5

It is a common belief that the more expensive phones will always have more sophisticated features and facilities. However, one should always do a comparison and research phone choices to determine wheich it is that will be better for you. By completing the correct comparison one will find that sometimes a less costly handset will […]