Hosting Sweepstakes for your Business?

Businesses like an internet franchise have the potential to be quite profitable. After all, everybody loves contests and sweepstakes. However, every new business venture comes with risks.  Nothing is ever a guaranteed success. Still, whether you plan on starting purely an online sweepstakes business or simply want to incorporate sweepstakes into your current business’s marketing […]

Top 3 Killer Attributes of Touch Screen

Touch Screen technology is no longer a fantasized idea touted in magazines like Popular Science. It is the wave of the future with the deployment of kiosks and monitors in malls and stores across the country. The traditional look of a standard DVD infused television monitor has been scrapped. Instead, the technology has become streamlined, flat and […]

The Next Google PageRank Update is Around The Corner!

Webmasters and Bloggers are really the ones that knows the importance of PageRank and why a website should have it, Google Pagerank is basically a measure of quality designed by Google to rank websites according to how Quality the site seems to be. It is is an alogrithm of numbers(1 to 10) used by Google […]