How To Tap Into The True Power Of YouTube

A while back I was running a personal site about body building with the hope that it would eventually start attracting enough traffic to become profitable and even potentially to pay for my lifestyle. One of the ways I intended to do this was by creating a YouTube channel to support the channel which I […]

How to Avoid Being Stung on Internet Usage Abroad

Going abroad is great fun. You can explore new places, relax on a beach somewhere hot and sunny, and sample new food in local restaurants. And because you are having such a fantastic time, of course you want to keep in touch with your friends back home. So you take lots of selfies of you […]

How to Secure Your Home Wi-Fi Connection Without Tears

Many people have Wi-Fi connections set up in their homes. It allows them to connect to the Internet conveniently on their laptops, tablets and other devices. With this convenience comes an added Internet security risk. Sometimes people try to use their neighbor’s unsecured Wi-Fi connection to obtain a free Internet connection. If they should engage […]

Photo Editing: 5 Best Photoshop Alternatives

You know Adobe, with its product, has gotten a brand with all its applications, talk about the PDF Reader, Adobe seem to lock the market and other are just rivals coming far behind. Now to its photo editing app, the Photoshop, it’s just seemed there is no other photo editor that could stand the Adobe […]

Microsoft Announces Windows 8 Global Availability

Microsoft Corp. today announced the global availability of its popular Windows operating system, Windows 8. Beginning Friday, Oct. 26, consumers and businesses worldwide will be able to experience all that windows 8 has to offer, including a beautiful new user interface and a wide range of applications with the grand opening of the Windows Store. […]

Embedding YouTube Video in Power Point – Make an Exceptional Presentation | Embed a YouTube Video in Power Point.

Giving presentation is a common feature of business professionals. A presentation shows how expertise a business personnel is – the more interesting you make your presentation, the more rewards you get for it. To make the power point presentation unique many people add YouTube videos to it. Now, it is not necessary that you will […]

Captcha Monster – Automatic CAPTCHA Filling Firefox Add-On

Are you one of those that hate filling the web CAPTCHA verification fields? if you are one, then I have got a solution for you it is called “The CAPTCHA MONSTER” Add-on; this solution is a simple firefox add-on which automatically fills CAPTCHA verification fields for you. The Captcha Monster is an easy-to-use, innovative Firefox […]

Google Chrome Download? – 5 Websites To Go

If you are just hearing about the Google Chrome Browser, or if you have heard about it and you are just about to try it out, don’t panic I will be listing five (5) websites where you can download Google chrome browser to your computer for Free. The first on the list is the official […]

Chrome to Phone Extension – Send links and Other information from Chrome to your Android Device.

The Chrome browser is really growing fast with lots and lots of people switching to this web browser everyday, and I am glad that since the inception of the Chrome web browser, there have been lots of extensions development that will make it use interesting and fun. One of such chrome extension is the “Google […]

5 Popular Chrome Themes You Can Use

The Chrome Browser is indeed taking the world by storm with lots of people switching to the Chrome Browser for their internet surfing experience. These days, internet lots users are joining the Chrome bandwagon and some have turned to die hard fans of chrome (including me). If you have a chrome Browser, do you know […]