Does it Matter Where I Keep My Data?

It’s a somewhat surprising fact that each byte of the data that makes up the Internet also exists in a physical location, and although cloud-based utilities can simulate the effect of the data existing in several different locations simultaneously, the original data is still held in a single concrete facility. This raises the question of […]

Three Important Aspects of E-Commerce Solutions

E-commerce is a great way to put your goods and services out on the internet. Even if you don’t have a lot of web development experience, products like the merchant shopping cart from places like let anyone get in on the action as long as they have a good product to sell and the […]

Types of Servers & Its Uses

Servers are frequently devoted, implying that they perform no different errands moreover their server undertakings. Read about the kind of server you want to know about and you will get small yet relevant and descriptive information.  Server Types and its Uses Proxy server: A proxy server sits between a customer program (normally a Web program) […]

How to Increase Your Customer Base Without Breaking the Bank

One of the biggest challenges for many businesses is finding customers.  Most of them have great ideas, good products, and a wonderful service.  However, they lack people to provide their products or services to.  This is why they turn to solutions like Twitter advertising. It allows them to find more people and ultimately save on […]

4 Ways to Kickstart Your Cyber Sleuthing Career

If the NSA can sit in on your World of Warcraft game, imagine what kind of dirt they can dig up on your Internet searches. But you don’t have to be a top-security government official to also dig things up on someone through the Internet. What used to require countless hours of your precious time […]

Essential Film Elements: The Three “P”s of Video Production

Video production, more prevalent in present day society for personal and commercial purposes, demands pre and post-production work aside from the rigorous needs of immediate taping.  The three ‘p’s’ of production, pre-production, production, and post-production, navigate novice to expert videographers along, helping in taking raw footage and ending in final product. Pre-Production Like any piece […]

Five Key Benefits of using Cloud Servers for Small Business

More and more companies are utilising cloud servers instead of the traditional servers as the cloud becomes widely discussed and maximised in different industries. According to IDC, worldwide IT cloud spending will reach $100 billion by 2016. While the overwhelming popularity gives an opportunity for cloud vendors to pitch in, it is best to have […]

Introducing the ‘Smart TV’ and the Potential Future of Home Entertainment

Our technology is converging. So much so in fact, that in the very near future, many have said that home entertainment centres won’t own separate boxes, but one ‘all-in-one’ device that does everything. Indeed, Microsoft’s recently released ‘Xbox One’ already professes to do just that. With such perpetual access at our fingertips, our professional and […]

Top Trends Influencing Mobile Cloud Computing

Increasing requirements of the business industries are creating a forceful impact on mobile companies to move their services on cloud. Mobile industry and cloud working together seems like a complement for each other because mobility is one of the strongest features of cloud technology. Cloud users can have seamless access to the computing resources stored […]

The Role Of Cloud Computing And Life Sciences

Cloud computing, or simply cloud, refers to the concept of delivering to a client’s computer(s) the entire range of hosting services and computing resources – including data storage, data management, data processing, and applications – via a network of remote virtual servers hosted on the Internet, on a pay-as-per-usage basis. Cloud computing is different from […]