HubSpot Vs GetResponse: Choose the best landing page creator for your business

Selection of a Landing Page creator is more often than not, one of the major marketing decisions for any online business. While are the options are many, choosing the best one takes research nonetheless. To make this process a little easier for you, today we have reviewed two of the leading Landing Page software, Hubspot […]

Getresponse Vs VerticalResponse – Who performs best?

When running a business website, it is mandatory to build a subscriber base and for that, you will need to have email marketing services in order to send out thousands of emails to your subscribers on a regular basis. Sending your latest or premium posts in the form emails to your regular visitors ensure that […]

How To Create A Mobile Version Of Your WordPress Blog Using MobilePress

It is no more news that there has been a huge growth in the number of mobile phone users and people that access the web from their mobile phones. In this century, more people are resolving to the use of Phones and gadgets for their day to day internet activities, not just because it is […]

The 3 Best Cache Plugin For Your WordPress Blog

The WordPress CMS Platform is a wonderful platform because of its ease of use and lots of Plugins to give a lot of other essential functions. One of those essential things a blog should have is a cache plugin; the job of a cache plugin is to improve your site speed, improve your blog user […]

How To Get a WordPress Profile Picture/Gravatar

I have seen some newbie bloggers on wordpress over the recent weeks asking the question of “How they can get their Picture as a  profile Picture in their wordpress dashboard”. though, this is one of the basic things every blogger should know and have, but unfortunately, I have seen so many bloggers without a gravatar […]

My 7 Favorite and Effective Plugins For Securing Your WordPress Blog

The WordPress platform is a wonderful and easy to use CMS platform and it is currently the number CMS/blogging Platform in the world, but it is sad to know that it has lots of security vulnerable points that can be exploited by hackers. In other to avoid being hacked, you need to ensure that you […]