Can You Control Your Home With Your Smartphone?

Digital electronic infrastructure is now responsible for providing a form of artificial intelligence to the most important investment in a person’s life. “Smart Homes” are homes that have been fully automated through intelligent management systems. The details sound like they belong in a science fiction novel. Appliances can operate themselves, security systems alert the police automatically when intruders enter unlawfully and doors lock all on their own at the touch of a button.

Believe it or not, this can actually be done, and for a lot less money than most home automation systems. Do-it-yourself systems can be integrated into existing homes for a fraction of the cost of professionally-installed systems. The key benefit is the system can be operated remotely from the homeowner’s personal computer or smartphone.

The applications for this concept are potentially revolutionary. Someone coming home from a long day’s work can turn on channels on demand from his car without even entering the house. Missing a few seconds of a football game, the news or a favorite drama story is a thing of the past. Integrating on demand television systems like a DVR such as TiVo into the Smart Home system make recording different TV channels on demand much easier. For example, someone at work who hears about a great new show can order his TiVo to record the show remotely using his smartphone.

Families with kids can now breathe a little easier. Friends coming home with him from school can be let in with automatic wireless door locks. No one needs to know the password because they are no passwords.

Another opportunity is to link appliances like washing machines, coffee makers and stoves to the home automation system. When the homeowner is away, his dinner is never burned and the house never catches on fire from unattended machines like dryers. The homeowner can also “wake up” the house after he gets up in the morning. Televisions turn on, radios play and the homeowner is ready to start his day.

The convenience of a system like this also extends to home security. Security systems have become progressively more automated since their introduction. Today, features like automatically calling the police can be done when the homeowner is absent. Smart Home systems with built-in security protocols can be accessed from outside the house using a smartphone. Thieves may think they are relatively safe by targeting an absent homeowner. They will be surprised when the house itself is their worst enemy.

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Located in picturesque Cape Cod, Jennie is technology fanatic, with a passion for blogging and staying current on Smartphone trends.

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  1. Your blog is pretty interesting, I’m currently studding home automation/domotics and I realy think this is the future for our homes.
    I will leave a portuguese domotics company at your blog.

  2. Thanks Joesph for this informative touch. These days technology improving so faster than our expectation. Now recently when I first time introduced with a home monitoring app through online using security DVR camera I was completely surprised. Technology is making our life so easy for living and I appreciate you for letting us know about such advance technology specifications.

  3. This is available in iphone. I watche in video it control every electronic device of your home.