The 3 Best Cache Plugin For Your WordPress Blog

The WordPress CMS Platform is a wonderful platform because of its ease of use and lots of Plugins to give a lot of other essential functions. One of those essential things a blog should have is a cache plugin; the job of a cache plugin is to improve your site speed, improve your blog user experience and also to save your bandwidth usage especially if you are a blogger on a shared hosting.

There are numerous wordpress cache Plugins which are all free to use but I have done a bit of research and I have discovered that not all of these wordpress cache plugin really works and some of them that works are not working perfectly without causing any usually problems and conflict with other Plugins.

I have eventually discovered three (3) most effective and best cache Plugins you can use on your blog, if you use any of these caching plugin, you will surely be glad you did.


This plugin is a simple plug and play cache plugin for caching your blog. The WP super cache plugin will generate static HTML files from your blog, which it serves to your blog visitors. This Plugin has various caching options on its settings page for those that will love to fine tune its operation but I don’t think you may need to adjust any of its settings other than to activate it.

The WP super cache also works well on virtually all web hosts, no matter how your host sucks.

2.     W3 TOTAL CACHE 

The W3 Total Cache is my best cache Plugin, and it is highly recommended and used by lots of people and host companies. the w3 total cache plugin improves the user experience of your blog by improving your server performance, caching all aspect of your site, reducing the download times of your blog and also providing transparent content delivery network (CDD) integration.

The W3 total cache is easy to use, though you may need to set some personal preferences.

3.     Hyper Cache 

The hyper cache plugin is a cache system for wordpress which is specifically designed for bloggers who have their blogs on a shared hosting plan. This plugin has a handful of cool features that will improve your site performance and overall user experience on your blog and it is being used by lots of bloggers out there.

The Hyper cache plugin is not too popular, but it is one of those highly effective caching plugin.

Here we are, I have shared with you three (3) wordpress caching plugin that I have found to be effective. If you know of any other one you use and is much effective, you can share them with us in the comment section.


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  1. using w3tc for a long time but in post and comment page it givess 500 error and sometimes it gives connection reset problem.

    On Firefox:
    Problem loading page
    The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

    on Chrome:
    This webpage is not available
    The connection to was interrupted.
    Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): The connection was reset.

    do you have a fix for it?

    • Hi anik,
      I dont have a fix for that, I was having issues with W3TC too, and so i switched to WP Super cache and my blogs have been doing fine since then.

  2. I help with support over at Shopp plugin. I’ve also seen one called Quick Cache. When caching plugins are enabled on ecommerce sites, you’ll want to exclude the pages for the store via the no-cache list.

  3. After 2 years of loyalty to super cache I had to let it go yesterday when it caused me the legendary white screen of death a third time….. so it is time to say a bye bye 🙁