Apple iOS6: Some Features You Should Expect

The Upcoming Apple iOS6 has been the talk of the town, since the day Apple gave a Tip about it. Apple aren’t holding back on its plans for the iPhone and iPad. Apple have been demoing various feratures of the iOS6 that is coming this fall. There are lots of new and exciting features that are coming, but below are Just 3 of such new Features.

1.    Facebook Integration

In the latter iOS5, There was Twitter integration, in the new coming iOS6, we will be getting a Facebook integration feature. Apple has finally integrated Facebook at the iOS Level, this means that you will have the opportunity to: sign in to Facebook right on your iOS phone (without the Facebook app.), see your Facebook contacts on your contact list, and you can share and send messages to your friends from the contact list. Apple is also going to integrate Facebook “likes” into the App. store.

2.      Apple Maps

People have been talking about the Apple Maps which will now be a rival to the reigning Google Maps. Apple is now giving up Google Maps for its own home-brewed mapping service.The new iOS6 will be coming with the Apple Maps, which has a basic map interface, but also a 3-D and a fly-over view (kind of like Google maps). The fly-over Function is superb in terms of visuals; the map app will also be having a turn-by-turn navigation. you will also have the Siri and her wonderful voice guide you as you navigate around the new neighborhoods.

3.      Passbook

The Passbook feature serves as your virtual wallet or a kind of Travel documents holder. The passbook is an app that helps you converge all your passes or tickets – – movie tickets, airplane tickets, royalty cards and so on into one place.
Instead of having to launch individual app and find the bar code, Passbook will help you put it all in a well organized app. The best part of this app is that it integrates with your lock screen screen and it knows when you need that pass to pop up based on your location and time of the day. Isn’t that Wonderful?

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