An overview of Software development for Beginners

Software development is a process by which software development activities like planning, analyzing, designing, testing, deploying etc. are carried out in sequence to satisfy the customers’ requirements or the client’s. A project manager is responsible to administrate all the activities of the software development. Zoho Projects is used to manage software development easily by the different tools they provide. Here are some activities explained, so that you can understand what software development is.  

Software development has few stages regardless of what models you use. Software models like waterfall, spiral, evolutionary, iterative etc. are used. All the phases are almost similar and the common phases are given below. custom-software dev

Requirements and Analysis

Whenever a client needs a software product to be developed he gives his requirements which are called as the user requirements. The developer list out his requirements which are called the system requirements, as he has knowledge over the software development. Further requirements are into two types Functional and nonfunctional.


Once the analysis of the listed requirements are done, designing phase starts where the designing teams design modules, structures, frameworks of the software. Software design teams will do these designing works.


Coding is the process of implementing the design to high level software codes so that it can be operational. Coding is done by programmers in languages like c, c++, c#, java etc.


Once the implementation is done by using programming languages they are tested for integrity i.e. Verification and validation to check whether the software is what the client expects and working correctly. White box testing, black box testing ,unit testing, system testing, module testing, regression testing etc. are done by testers who analyses the code and report back for correction.

Deployment and Maintenance

Deployment is a phase when the software product leaves the organization and is set up in the client’s area. Deployment also includes maintenance which is done by regular bug fixes, patched, updates etc.

These are the common phases used in software development is almost all organisations.

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