How To Add The Comment Form to A Single Post Page in MobilePress

These Days, Lots of People are using the MobilePress Plugin to create a mobile version because of its simplicity and easy usability. The MobilePress Plugin is quite good, but it has some short comings and one of these limitations is that the comment form does not appear on the posts Pages; your reader will need to click on another link that will take them to another page for them to leave a comment.

This method is kind of stressful for our readers, and most people will probably not click that link, they may end up keeping their comment because everybody is short of time these days.

Lets now talk about the mobilePress comment fix, you will be fixing this via your blog cPanel. your cPanel is usually located at or

Step 1

After login into your Cpanel, go to your File manager and navigate to your Public_html folder Public_HTMl >>wp-content>>plugins >>mobilepress >>system >>themes >>default (wp-content/plugins/mobilepress/system/themes/default). This is the folder you will making some changes.

Step 2

Look for a File aamed “Single.php” , right click on it and Select Edit, press Ok to Whatever that pops up and the file should be opened in a New Tab on your web browser.

Step 3

Look for a File named “Postcomment.php”, right click on it and select edit, press Ok to whatever pops up and the file should be opened in a new tab on your browser.

Step 4

Go to the postcomment.php file and select all its Content and Copy it. after copying all its content, now go to your single.php file that is open for editing in a new tab and Scroll to the bottom of the page and put your cusor right before the closing </ div > tag and paste the copied codes there.

Save the file and verify on your mobile phone if the comment form is appearing on your mobilePress post pages.


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  1. Nice tip, simple, straight to the point and brief, i’ve for long waited for this tip, would surely try this out, meanwhile do you know how could fix this error, i seem to have tampered with the colours and now my post shows with the text bold?
    Don’t know if you understand what i mean, do you?

  2. Thanks for this.