5 Popular Chrome Themes You Can Use

The Chrome Browser is indeed taking the world by storm with lots of people switching to the Chrome Browser for their internet surfing experience. These days, internet lots users are joining the Chrome bandwagon and some have turned to die hard fans of chrome (including me).

If you have a chrome Browser, do you know you can funkify it with a theme? You can make you Chrome Browser much more colorful  than  the default color that came with it. You can achieve this by installing a Chrome Theme. There are lots of chrome themes out there, but I will be sharing with you 5 of the most popular chrome Themes ranked according to there download times by the Chrome developers themselves.

1.     Porsche

As you may have known that Porsche  is a Popular Car brand and they have lots of elegant car designs and styles. The Porsche Chrome theme will display nice pictures of various Porsche cars in the background of you chrome browser. The theme design is cool and you will surely Love it.


2.      Splendid

I kind of like this Splendid Chrome Theme, this theme is very cool and nice. this theme gives your chrome browser the feel of the Sky, it makes you browser background looks like you are staring at a Blue Sky.


3.        Kate Spade

The Kate Spade chrome theme is also a nice theme that i admire, this theme makes you chrome awesomely colorful. I guess the theme is made from an inspiration from watching a rainbow in the sky because this theme will give your chrome browser  a colorful lift; it will give you a rainbow look.


4.          Marc Ecko

The Marc Ecko chrome theme is also a nice theme, this is a theme that will suit most cartoon and comics lovers. This chrome theme has the kind of background that is usually found in cartoons and comics.


5.            Earth

I so much love this Earth Chrome theme. This theme gives you a nice view of earth from Space, you will get the view of earth as it looks from space. The image also slides 😀This is the list of some Chrome Themes that I think are worth a try, If you have any other nice and beautiful theme, Kindly share it with us in the comment section.

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