5 Effective SEO Chrome Extensions

chrome extensionSearch Engine Optimization, often called SEO is a very important aspect of internet marketing that cannot be joked with. As a blogger or Internet Marketer, you need to optimize your website for search engines as well as keep a close tab on your competitions.

If you are a SEO fanatics (like Me) who loves to see how and why a website is ranking where it is or you love to take a deep look into site analytics and you make use of the Chrome Browser as your web browser; I have got a list of 5 SEO extensions that will help simplify your Search Engine Optimization Life.

1.       SEO for Chrome

The SEO for Chrome extensions provides easy access to Search Engine Optimization Tools that can help you with Competitive Analysis, Keyword Research, Backlink Checks, PageRank Checks and other daily SEO tasks.

2.    SEOquake

SEOquake is a SEO extension (toolbar) for Google Chrome, it shows PageRank, Alexa and tons of SEO parameters, also works in SERP. it highlights nofollow links, text density, check and compare urls.


3.     SEO & Website Analysis

SEO & Website Analysis by WooRank is an extension for Google Chrome that provides a deep SEO analysis covering more that 50 SEO Factors. it is one chrome extension that I can’t afford not to have, it has been really helpful to me.


4.       SEO SERP

This chrome SEO extension is A simple tool to quickly check the position of a list of sites given a keyword. it is useful for internet marketers that wants to track keyword rankings.


5.         iSEO – SEO Tool for Chrome

The iSEO chrome extension is a good SEO extension for Link builders, this extension can tell you how much PR will be transfered to your site with a dofollow link on that page and also how many links, follow links, follow external links and follow internal links there are on that page.

These is a short list of % SEO Chrome Extensions, I hope you find the list useful. if you make use of any other effecive Chrome SEO extension, Kindly metion them in the comment Section.

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  1. I installed the live pagerank plugin a little while ago and I’ve been keeping an eye on it… It seems to pull up the same kind of info as the live pagerank checkers and page rank predictors. Like you said basically, Expertu, doesn’t do a whole lot of good, but I guess it’s mildly useful… I’m going to try the one you speak of though, thanks!


  2. I usually use majestic for seo analysis but I think I’m gonna check out some of the things you mentioned here.