Top 3 Smartphones for Gaming

Since the concept of mobile phones began, there has been a significant evolution over the years in what these devices are able to do. Currently, some 2014 models are designed well for the purpose of gaming. These can be simple games such as online roulette to high performance games such as simulation games. One phone that is top choice right now is the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. This is a pricey Continue Reading [...]

Three Important Aspects of E-Commerce Solutions

E-commerce is a great way to put your goods and services out on the internet. Even if you don't have a lot of web development experience, products like the merchant shopping cart from places like let anyone get in on the action as … [Continue reading]

Types of Servers & Its Uses

web servers

Servers are frequently devoted, implying that they perform no different errands moreover their server undertakings. Read about the kind of server you want to know about and you will get small yet relevant and descriptive information.  Server Types … [Continue reading]

5 Little Gadgets That Make Life Easier If You Use A Wheelchair


Some things in life are always a little bit more complicated for people with disabilities, but the good news is that things are slowly getting better. New gadgets are being released every year and they're breathing new life into millions of people … [Continue reading]

Mobile Phone Safety Tips

As mobiles become more integral to daily life, an awareness of safety sadly appears to be diminishing. Not only do many users risk life and limb, many reveal so much private information that they allow themselves to become a stalker or thief's dream. … [Continue reading]

An Overview of Social Media

Social media refers to interaction with people in which they create, share exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks like Facebook, google plus, twitter etc. All these mainly run on cloud and you can check Pertino Cloud … [Continue reading]

Tips for Choosing a Mobile Provider

Finding the best mobile provider can be a time-consuming and confusing process. With four major providers these days, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, there are many choices. Each provider offers a different set of plans and oftentimes offers … [Continue reading]

An overview of Software development for Beginners

custom-software dev

Software development is a process by which software development activities like planning, analyzing, designing, testing, deploying etc. are carried out in sequence to satisfy the customers’ requirements or the client’s. A project manager is … [Continue reading]

Hosting Sweepstakes for your Business?


Businesses like an internet franchise have the potential to be quite profitable. After all, everybody loves contests and sweepstakes. However, every new business venture comes with risks.  Nothing is ever a guaranteed success. Still, whether you … [Continue reading]

How to Increase Your Customer Base Without Breaking the Bank


One of the biggest challenges for many businesses is finding customers.  Most of them have great ideas, good products, and a wonderful service.  However, they lack people to provide their products or services to.  This is why they turn to solutions … [Continue reading]