HubSpot Vs GetResponse: Choose the best landing page creator for your business

Selection of a Landing Page creator is more often than not, one of the major marketing decisions for any online business. While are the options are many, choosing the best one takes research nonetheless. To make this process a little easier for you, today we have reviewed two of the leading Landing Page software, Hubspot Vs GetResponse here. Both the software have years of unstained reputation and large customer bases.

So, here we have reviewed both on key features (i.e. Templates, editing interface, integrations offered), Price and Customer Support.



HS 3


Hubspot does not give you any pre-designed templates to customise and use. With this software you’ll have to create your Landing Page from the scratch. However, there are some example templates that the software offers. I found these example one to be of no good assistance. Of course you get full creative freedom to create your landing page just the way you want it. While this will be not a problem for pro-marketers, developers and big companies with good IT back up; small businesses and bloggers may not want to go ahead with it.

The Landing Pages created with Hubspot are fully mobile compatible. One unique feature of Hubspot Landing Pages is ‘Smart Content’. This feature lets your visitors see different contents according to their traffic sources.

Editing Interface


Above you can see one of the example templates from Hubspot that I selected to check out the editing interface. As you can see there is not much of designing elements in it and you’ll have to create your own page from the scratch. The editing interface is quite simple with drag and drop technique.

You can see the tool on the top left of the page. You can add pictures, texts, charts etc without touching the HTML coding. The interface is quite clean cut and easy to use. Once you’ve created a page as per your requirements you can directly publish it from there or create a A/B split testing or can save the page for later usages.


Hubspot offers integration with a host of third party software and services. The list is as follows:

Advanced Reporting GoToWebinar, DataHero, Infer
CRM Salesforce, Sidekick, Pipedrive CRM, NetSuite, SugarCRM, Base CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Mambrain, RelateIQ,
E-commerce Shopify, Magneto, Bigcommerce
Electronic Signature PandaDoc, HelloSign
Marketing FreshBooks, Perfect Audience, Slide Share,Eventbrite,, BlogMutt, Wistia, unbounce, Workflowmax, SurveyMonkey, Smartling, App Data Room, Brightinfo, Invoca, LeadPages, Indoundli, Zapier, WordPress, Gravity Forms, Zoho CRM etc
Screen Sharing UberConference



You can see the Hubspot annual plans above. The basic plan starts with $200 a month, which according to us is way too pricy. No doubt the advanced features offers by Hubspot is great for inbound marketing, but price is also sky high. So, unless you are a large business and require all the Inbound Marketing services from Hubspot, and not just the landing page only, there is not point shelling out such as a big amount.

Customer Support

The software offers 24*7 customer support to their customer through Live chat and telephonic support options. Also on the Hubspot website, you can join the network of marketers who are already using the software. This way you can share, discuss and obtain guidance from your peers.

Our Impression

Though the software has some advanced features, it is definitely not the one for small and medium businesses.


GR 6


GetResponse gives you over 100 predesigned templates that you can customise and use as your Landing Page. You can also use over 1000 pictures from their website gallery for completely free of cost. The landing pages feature responsive design; this means the pages can automatically adjust themselves according to the viewing platform.

So, be it a laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone that your viewer is using, you’ll always get the best viewing experience. While you can take any pre-designed template and customise it in minutes, you can also develop a unique landing page from scratch with HTML coding if you want to. This flexibility makes the software perfect for both novice as well as pro marketers.

Editing Interface

GR 2

Above you can see the editing page of GetResponse. Once you sign up for the software and choose the template to work with, simply click on it and you’ll reach the editing interface. The editing tools are designed to be drag and drop style. You can see the tools on the right hand of the page. You can customise almost every element in the page with these tools. Once you are happy with your Landing Page, you create an A/B split test, publish it directly or can save it for later.


GetResponse lets you integrate with Landing Page with over 115 third party software. The list of integrations is as follows:

CRM ClickDesk, LiveHelpNow, justuno, MailSync, Outleads, LiveChat, 123 contact form, Capsule, desk, vtiger, SUGARCRM, ZOHO CRM, Highrise, Batchbook, FreshBooks, Google Contacts, zendesk and salesforce
CMS WordPress, Formstack, Drupal,, Bitrix and Joomla
Social Slack, Vidyard, YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Vine, Zapier, facebook and Twitter
E-commerce SURVICATE, OPTIMONK, Privy, amazonpayments, Google checkout, Prestashop, woocommerce, E-Junkie, member mouse, BIG commerce, osCommerce, opencart, zencart, magento, shopify, SiteManPro, DPD and PayPal
Other GoWebinar, Google Analytics etc.



GR 4

You can see the GetResponse annual plans here. The basic plan starts with only $15 a month. There are four plans, so you can choose one according to the size of your business.

Customer Support

GetResponse offers 24*7 customer support through Live Chat, Telephonic Support and E-mail Support. The software also provides a number of downloadable manuals and users’ guide through their website. GetResponse also offers some superb video tutorials on various aspects of email marketing. These tutorials are quite helpful for any novice marketer.

Our Impression

Be it a small home business or a large online shop, GetResponse is simply perfect for any size of business.

Hubspot Vs GetResponse: Who wins?

After reviewing both the software, we strongly recommend you GetResponse for following reasons:

  • Availability of pre-designed templates
  • Responsive design
  • More number of integration
  • Awesome pricing
  • All round customer support

You can also get a firsthand GetResponse experience through 30 days free trail plan. Simply sign up for the trail here and you can use the software for any charges for 30 days.

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